Film Extrusion Line
The Film Extrusion Line is designed for producing high-quality plastic films. It features advanced technology for consistent film thickness and excellent clarity, ideal for packaging and industrial applications. This line ensures efficient operation, high output, and easy maintenance, making it a reliable choice for film manufacturers.
Sheet Extrusion Line
The Sheet Extrusion Line is engineered to produce superior plastic sheets with precise thickness control. Suitable for various industries, it offers high efficiency, robust construction, and seamless integration into production processes. This line guarantees excellent surface finish and uniformity in sheet production.
Film Making Machine
The Film Making Machine is a versatile and efficient solution for producing plastic films. With advanced controls and robust design, it ensures consistent film quality and high productivity. Ideal for packaging and industrial use, this machine offers reliability and easy operation.
PC Sheet Line
The PC Sheet Line is specialized for manufacturing polycarbonate sheets with exceptional clarity and strength. It features state-of-the-art technology for precise thickness control and smooth surface finish. This line is perfect for applications requiring high impact resistance and durability.

POE Film Machine
The POE Film Machine is designed to produce high-quality Polyolefin Elastomer films. It ensures excellent elasticity, clarity, and durability, making it ideal for packaging, automotive, and industrial applications. With advanced technology and precise control, this machine guarantees consistent film quality and high productivity.
EVOH High Barrier Film Machine
This machine specializes in producing EVOH high barrier films, offering exceptional oxygen and moisture barrier properties. Perfect for food packaging and medical applications, it ensures superior film quality with advanced extrusion technology and precise control systems.
Cast Film Extrusion Line
The Cast Film Extrusion Line produces high-quality cast films with excellent clarity and uniform thickness. Ideal for packaging and industrial applications, it features advanced technology, high efficiency, and reliable performance, ensuring consistent output and easy maintenance.
HDPE Geomembrane Machine
Designed for producing high-density polyethylene geomembranes, this machine ensures exceptional strength, durability, and impermeability. Ideal for environmental and industrial applications, it features robust construction, advanced controls, and high efficiency.
PVB Film Machine
The PVB Film Machine produces high-quality polyvinyl butyral films used in laminated safety glass. It offers superior clarity, adhesion, and impact resistance, ensuring reliable performance in automotive and architectural applications.
TPU Film Machine
This machine specializes in producing thermoplastic polyurethane films with excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, and clarity. Ideal for medical, automotive, and sportswear applications, it guarantees consistent quality and high production efficiency.

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